The Passenger – Coming Soon

The Passenger, a short story set in the Unseen World, will be available form July 15th.  

Cover image for The Passenger

A NEW short story from the Unseen World


Not every passenger reaches the destination they expect.

Life may not be fair, but not every sacrifice goes unrewarded. Even at your lowest point, in depths of despair, sometimes an unlikely saviour can be found. 

The Unseen World is the one you see out of the corner of your eye. Where witches gather in the local coffee shop and mortuaries strap their clients down ‘just in case’. Where that thing howling in the woods may not be the disgruntled pet you hope it is. Where the actual reason for all those missing people won’t ever be published. Here your worst nightmare might just be reality.


It will be available for FREE via Amazon, and directly from this Website for the rest of the month of July. After July it will return to the $1 price tag until the first full novel is released.

Urban Ritual remains available on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited.


Urban Ritual: Out Now

Urban Ritual should be available on Amazon this week.

Urban Ritual cover image

This is a stand-alone short story that could be considered ‘plot adjacent’. It is set in the same world/city there is no crossover in the terms of meta-plot or characters.

Short Story Release

coming soon

Hi all,

With the current world events, I plan to have 2-3 short stories released in the next few weeks. These are world-building teasers designed to set the scene for the (almost complete) novels soon to follow.

Initially, these to be part of a short-story compilation, but I think getting content into people’s hands while they are TRAPPED AND CAN’T ESCAPE is far more important for now.

Just working on completing the covers and a few wording tweaks. You can expect to find these on Amazon soon.


Purple Sheep & Sleepy Androids


Does somnambulant circuitry,

in the restraints of animatronic mimicry,

envision the bucolic nature of quantifying Ovis aries,

whilst in nocturnal introspection?


Original: Do androids dream of electric sheep? – Philip K. Dick

Disclaimer: I never claimed to be a poet.

Guide for Beta’s

For all the lovely people who have agreed to Beta read for me, I’ve attached a guide for the sort of feedback I’m looking for. You don’t have to follow this, I’m happy with whatever feedback you think is relevant. Think of this as more of a ‘suggestion’ as to the sort of things that I think would be valuable to know.

(Note: this is a living document and may be updated as things change)


  • Do any feel incomplete? What is missing?
  • Do any feel too slow, like I’ve dumped too much information or packed too much into them? Which? What sections seem unimportant?
  • Do any of chapters jar with the rest of the work? Why?


  • Are the characters sufficiently distinctive? If not what sections/traits are confusing?
  • Are there any characters that you feel aren’t needed, or who need to be expanded? Why and how?
  • Is there anyone you particularly liked? Why?
  • Is there anyone you particularly disliked? Why?
  • Is it always clear who is doing what? If not, where are the confusing sections?


  • Was there anything that was too hard to believe?
  • Was there any part that was ‘too much’. (Overly explicit, violent, or squick?)
  • Any gaping plot holes? Details, please.
  • Any unresolved plot points? Details, please.
  • Are any characters treated inconsistently across the book?


  • Did anything jolt you out of the story? In a good way or a bad way?
  • Did you take anything away from reading it? If so, what?
  • What did you like/hate?
  • Was the pacing okay?
  • What would you like to see more/less of?
  • Was it a page-turner or a slog, if it was a slog, was there anywhere it was particularly hard going?
  • Forget that this is meant to be part of a series, would you consider it a ‘complete’ novel in its own right?
  • Remembering that this is meant to be part of a series*, would you want to read more?

* The focal characters will change, but the ones in this book will go on to be the supporting cast in others. Some minor characters may get to star in their own books, and some major characters will be revisited.

Subverted Fantasy Titles

The Black Hand  –  A lepers tale

Search for the Holy Sword  –  Good King Harald struggles with Forgetfulness

The Hung Man   – A torrid medieval Romance 

The Scarlet Woman  –  Skin conditions of the Middle Ages

Dragonslayers  –  Apothecaries guide to dealing with Dementia in elderly knights

Oath of Fealty  –  How to justify mass murder

The 30 year War  –  When the mother-in-law came to stay

Swordplay  –  Homosexual sub-culture in the Victorian age

Letter to Sarah

You can delay the inevitable, but you can’t stop me.

You have the power to end it all, by stepping aside. How many timelines have you altered? How many wounds and losses have you suffered?

Aren’t you tiring of this? Don’t you wish it would all just end?

I don’t mind if you win again, the outcome won’t change. It never does. I do enjoy our games though.

I am the future, and my judgement is final.