About Me


*waves* like the over-caffeinated idiot I am.

I’m a writer for two reasons. There are so many worlds bumping around in my head that I sometimes need to relive the pressure and bleed them onto the page. Also, writing is an indoor career with no heavy lifting that doesn’t require pants.

I got my bachelors so long ago that I think Sigmund was teaching the psych classes, and now I have a Masters in Arts (Writing). I’ve worked security, dabbled in martial arts, worked in the HR, education and health sectors, taught English as a second language while living in another country, and now live at the top of a mountain range.

Mild-mannered administrator by day but at night an amazing transformation takes place, I become an incredibly slow writer. Kind of like Superman, but instead of superpowers I get writer’s block.

I discuss the craft of writing over on Negative Space. To find/follow me on your preferred social media platform click on the Twitter or Facebook icons in the bar above.

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