Books by JW Arlock

Unseen World

The Unseen World is the one you see out of the corner of your eye. It is where witches gather in the local coffee shop, while the local church offers sanctuary without saying what from. Where that thing howling in the woods may not be the disgruntled pet you hope it is. Where the actual reason for all those missing people won’t ever be published. Here your worst nightmare might just be a reality.


Dead Girl (working title):

Rebekah hadn’t really found her place in the world, but her killer knew she was meant for greater things. Now trapped on the border between life and death, her eyes have been opened to a previously hidden world.

Murdered, trapped in a decaying body, and surrounded by predators; can she survive the Unseen World?





Briar Twins (working title):

Declan has reached the age of majority for his kind. Unfortunately, that means he is about to come to the attention of the non-human side of the family.

In a city teetering on the brink of a supernatural civil war, when the only bond you have with your twin is one of blood, how far do you go when they are come to spill it?

Two siblings, a mystical inheritance, and an elimination process that one of them won’t survive.




Australian Dollar Coin

The Gold Coin collection

Book cover showing steaming coffee cup and Sumerian lettering

Urban Ritual: A Do It Yourself ritual drives home the message that you should not call up that which you can’t put down.







The Passenger: “Not every passenger reaches the destination they expect.”

Even at your lowest point, in depths of despair, sometimes a saviour can be found. While life may not be fair, but not every sacrifice goes unrewarded. Not every passenger reaches the destination they expect.