Known Typos

Even professionally edited books sometimes come out with typos. In fact, the industry standard is 1 per 10,000 words. You know the old saying “a few thousand readers are more effective than the eyes of three editors”… and if you don’t know it, then I’m claiming it.

Since I am responsible for my own publishing, the buck stops here. Below, you will find a list of my books with any known typos discovered after its release.

Before you report a typo please check the list below to see if it has already been identified and will be fixed in the next edition of that work.

Out of order, badly trimmed, crooked, or missing pages are a printing error. Take the book back to the place of purchase.


Urban Fantasy

Dead Girl (working title) not yet released

Briar Twins (working title) not yet released

Beautiful Monster (working title) not yet released


Sci-Fi / Speculative Fiction

Exodus (working title) not yet released

Nadir (working title) not yet released

Ecogenesis (working title) not yet released