The Passenger, a short story set in the Unseen World, will be available form July 15th.  

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A NEW short story from the Unseen World


Not every passenger reaches the destination they expect.

Life may not be fair, but not every sacrifice goes unrewarded. Even at your lowest point, in depths of despair, sometimes an unlikely saviour can be found. 

The Unseen World is the one you see out of the corner of your eye. Where witches gather in the local coffee shop and mortuaries strap their clients down ‘just in case’. Where that thing howling in the woods may not be the disgruntled pet you hope it is. Where the actual reason for all those missing people won’t ever be published. Here your worst nightmare might just be reality.


It will be available for FREE via Amazon, and directly from this Website for the rest of the month of July. After July it will return to the $1 price tag until the first full novel is released.

Urban Ritual remains available on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited.


One thought on “The Passenger – Coming Soon

  1. Kaz Drysdale

    Look forward to reading it! Great. Loved your last story. 😃

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